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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rare Toy - Razorclaw

PLEASE NOTE: This review was originally written at an earlier date, so it might be outdated or lacking by my current standards


"At the end of the Third Cybertronian War, the Decepticon army, at long last, was no more. With many Decepticons destroyed or in hiding, Razorclaw came to realize that if the Autobots were to ever be defeated, a new army must carry on the fight. A Predacon Army! In time the "predacon" empire became the main opposition to the Autobots. They attacked Cybertron with ferocity never before seen. The Predacons appeared to have a chance at achieving what the Decepticons never could...victory! However, just as with the Decepticons, treachery and deceit existed within the Predacon ranks, and the three who would become the Tripredacus Council assassinated Razorclaw... or so it was believed. Now, many stellar cycles after the reformatting of Cybertron, the Predacons have returned, with Razorclaw once again leading the army. What happened and how he returned is a mystery. What is known is that he is stronger and more determined than ever, and he will do what is needed to take back Cybertron and destroy every last Maximal!"

Role: Predacon Commander

Quote: "All good things do indeed succumb to those who wait!"

Strength: 9

Intelligence: 9

Speed: 7

Endurance: 10

Rank: 10

Courage: 9

Fireblast: 7

Skill: 8

Robot Mode

Razorclaw's Robot mode is very simple, he's a Voyager class figure, so he's quite large, especially compared to his set mate Elita-1. However, despite his size he is a very basic in design figure, much akin to the old G1 figures. His arm joints are able to move, but only by rotating like a windmill, unlike many other recent figures that use ball joints. Razorclaw's lower arms are able to fold outwards by 90 degrees, and can also rotate 360 degrees on it's axis as well.

Whilst his hands aren't jointed, the "fingers" are able to be positioned as a group to help form a fist or an open hand, as with his "thumb" as well. His hand is also able to hold his beast mode tail as a whip/bladed weapon depending on your personal orientation on what the weapon is. This weapon can be held in either hand, but because of it's and Razorclaw's designs, it cannot be held by any other toy mold, and Razorclaw cannot hold any other weapons either (this of course means that those who share his mold - Leobreaker, Nemesis Breaker, Leo Prime etc - can hold his weapon, and Razorclaw can hold their weapons as well)

Razorclaw's legs have more articulation that his arms do, since they can pivot at the thigh at almost any angle, also he can bend his legs at the knees as well, allowing Razorclaw to sit in a chair like a human can. Razorclaw's feet are also able to support his full weight as they have a "stiletto" that can fold down when in robot mode

Alternate Mode

Razorclaw's alternate mode is of a male lion in yellow (body), orange (mane) and red and black (limbs) with some odd bits of other characters positioned over him

Razorclaw also has 2 sets of large claws that can flip out by the Cyber Key he comes with (one at a time) or just by tugging on them hard enough with your fingers

He is also able to position his legs in any pose really, just like a lion would, so he can look like he's prowling, pouncing, anything within reason really!


The Transformation sequence for this figure is incredibly easy, since you basically just have to make the beast mode stand up, move the torso part into a clip, reposition the arms and pull out the head.

So despite being a Voyager class toy, he has the difficulty of a Legends class figure to transform


Razorclaw comes with his detachable tail which can be used as a whip in robot mode. Also of some note, the tail can be inserted so the point at the end is pointed upward in beats mode, or downward.

Razorclaw also comes with his Cyber Planet Key. It is a repaint of the Planet X Keys from the Cybertron series, but repainted to emulate the Golden Disk from the Beast Era


Razorclaw was made available at Botcon 2009 as part of an Add-On Souvenir set which also included Elita-1. Both figures were based on characters who had appeared in previous Club stories (Games of Decepticon and Dawn of Futures Past)
I received mine at Auto Assembly 2009 in the UK for about £50 along with Elita-1, so he was about £30 on his own (since Razorclaw is a larger figure)
Razorclaw is a repaint of Cybertron series Leobreaker and is a Voyager class figure. The head has also been remolded to better resemble Razorclaw, instead of Leobreaker (who looked more like Optimus Prime than Razorclaw)

My Thoughts

Despite his simplicity, this figure is very well presented and is a good upgrade for the G1 character Razorclaw. The red, yellow, orange and black colour scheme makes a good homage to the earlier design, which works in both robot and beats mode, which is always good

One of my favourite parts of this figure is his new insignia, which is an upgrade of the Predacon insignia (much like how the Maximal insignia received an upgrade in Beast Machines)

The Cyber Key Power isn't that impressive, but then again, they rarely are, and of course Razorclaw retained the mold's "Savage Claw Mode" so he can turn into an arm for either Cybertron series Megatron or Optimus Prime (and any repaints they have)

Other all, I do like this figure, but I don't find him as fun as some of the other figures in my collection. So I'd say that if you just want him as an upgrade for G1 Razorclaw, and for display purposes, then he's perfect, but if you want a fun figure, then you might want to wait to see if a newer version is coming out some point

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