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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rare Toy - Elita-1

PLEASE NOTE: This review was originally written at an earlier date, so it might be outdated or lacking by my current standards


"Elita-1's origins are a mystery to everyone but Grimlock. In fact, no one in the Autobot ranks even knew she existed until Grimlock first brought his newly formed crew aboard the Graviton. There she was, quietly working behind one of the ships consoles, paying no attention to the inquisitive looks directed her way. Every member of the crew has a theory about her, but she isn't talking, and neither is Grimlock. A skilled fighter, Elita-1 is adept with the Circuit-Su form of combat. Her weapon of choice is a hyper-concussive missile launcher that converts into an EMP scrambler. Mimetic alloy armor allowsher to blend into her surroundings and can also refract laser weapons fire into blinding bursts of light. While confident in her abilities, she feels that she has yet to fully prove herself to others, leading her to take unnecessary risks."

Role: Recon Specialist

Quote: "When you look good, I look good"

Strength: 7

Intelligence: 9

Speed: 9

Endurance: 7

Rank: 7

Courage: 9

Fireblast: 8

Skill: 9

Robot Mode

Elita-1's robot mode is very detailed, her face is sculpted to look feminine, but not in a stereotypical way (ie make-up etc). She also has feminine looking hands, but they're sculpted as well, meaning that they aren't articulated, and also cannot hold standard weapons, which is uncommon in the Cybertron Series molds. She also has high-hells on her feet, giving her a feminine look as well. Elita-1's eyes are also light-piped so they can illuminate when a torch is lit behind it
Elita-1 also has a pair of wings, made from her hull in Vehicle Mode, which have a speckling of blue paint in a part that is hidden in Vehicle Mode
As shown in the second above picture, her missiles can be held on two clips behind the wings

Alternate Mode

Elita-1's Alternate Mode is very simple, she's a bright pink speedboat with a giant gun on top (totally a common sight right? The gun can also rotate 360 degrees and raise itself up and down as well
Her gun's missiles are able to be stored on clips on either side of the hull, which resemble stabilizers for the waves if the boat was real
She has a smaller, non detachable gun at the front of the boat, which can rotate, but nothing else. The rear has 6 circles which are supposed to be propulsion devices of some sort (I'd assume). She also has a cockpit area which is incompatible with any human figures that I have, but does make a good aesthetic design


This figure's Transformation sequence is a bit fiddly, especially if you're heavy handed and are used to handling bricks like the original toys
In order to transform her to vehicle mode you have to contort her legs into a right angle, and pivoting the top of the legs until you hide the ball joint and then clip it into the back kibble by the feet
The hull closes up, but the connection is awkward because the clips are alternating, and so you have to carefully connect them together rather than just sliding them together like with Power Master Prime's trailer component when it transforms from base mode


Elita-1 comes packed with a large gun which is able to connect to her vehicle mode, and 2 blue light-piped missiles which can connect into the gun when it has been extended using the Cyber Key
The Cyber Key is a repainted Autobot Key from the Cybertron series (the original mold used the Earth Key) but in blue for the see through part, and pink for the order and Autobot insignia
All of these items can connect to the robot mode and vehicle mode all at the same time in one way or the other


Elita-1 was made available at Botcon 2009 as part of an Add-On Souvenir set which also included Razorclaw. Both figures were based on characters who had appeared in previous Club stories (Games of Decepticon and Dawn of Futures Past)
I received mine at Auto Assembly 2009 in the UK for about £50 along with Razorclaw, so she was about £20 on her own (since Razorclaw is a larger figure)
She is a straight repaint of Cybertron Series Thunderblast, but in a pink colour-scheme with black, blue and silver highlights. She has also been given a different Cyber Key design from her original mold counterpart

My Thoughts

Elita-1 is a very, VERY pink toy, in robot mode she is almost entirely pink (both light and dark), except for some blue highlights and chest details. In robot mode she has a large black portion visible for the top of the boat. So despite being a repaint of an evil Decepticon character she makes a very feminine looking character.

The Robot Mode, despite looking great, is difficult to pose due to her small feet and large amount of kibble on her back, leaving her unbalanced, and despite her inability to hold most weapons, her own gun is just fantastic, it's so oversized that it makes up for her being unable to hold another character's weapons, in my opinion anyway

The Vehicle mode doesn't really do anything, not that I would expect it to honestly, since it's a boat. I can't imagine that she'd be able to float too well in water, and cannot roll on the ground, like car Transformers usually can. But she does look good as a display piece in vehicle mode

The Transformations sequence is simple (for me) but not that easy if you don't like doing fiddly things, also transforming her makes a scary snapping noise, that whilst it isn't actually breaking, sounds like it is, which is absolutely frightening to hear from an expensive toy

The Accessories are all able to connect to both forms of the toy, which adds a lot of points for getting her in my eyes (I like my toys to keep all their accessories together, just in case I end up losing them)

Overall I do like this figure a lot, it's a reasonable price for a hard to find toy, and looks good. I can understand why some people wouldn't like her however though (the alt mode isn't that usable, she's a girl, she's pink etc) but all in all, I enjoy playing with her compared to most other fem-bots available so far

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