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Monday, 5 September 2011

C is for Cohrada

The Winning Toy

"Extraordinarily powerful in fire and dry climates. An outlaw, because he prefers acting along and isn't good at teamwork, he sometimes clashes with his teammates. The vacuum shockwaves he produces with his whip-like right hand, the Hand Vute, can slice through steel. He specializes in doing swaying, zaigzag dancing to rhythm." *Please note that this was translated from Japanese, so apologies if it makes no sense.

Toyline: Beast Wars Neo

Generation: Beast Era

Size Class: Deluxe Equivalent

Faction: Cybertrons (Maximal)

Function: Ground Trooper

Strength: 6

Intelligence: 5

Speed: 7

Endurance: 7

Rank: 7

Courage: 7

Firepower: 9

Skill: 7

Robot Mode

Cohrada's robot mode is very effective, basically it's designed to evoke the look of stereotypical Mexican bandit, with his cobra head taking on the appearance of a dark green poncho with circular patterns on his back. His head also has a helmet that is shaped almost exactly that of a sombrero (even the colours are similar, being a straw-like brown

Cohrada's legs are fully articulated , with the ability to pivot on a ball joint on the upper leg and knees (including the ability to rotate the knees fully, enabling him to be positioned in almost any leg pose. His feet are also able to bend on a pin joint at 90 degrees.

Cohrada's left arm is able to bend on a ball join on his elbow, and partially bend on his shoulder (however, his poncho gets in the way of much articulation. His hand is unable to be moved due to it's design (as was common for figures from the 90's).

Cohrada's right arm however has been replaced by his beast mode tail, that acts as a whip in this mode (with ball joints a segmented pieces to enable to to move around almost freely

Cohrada's left arm also has a water gun attached which, when filled with water can be pushed to squirt someone or something (just don't squirt anything in people's eyes please!) Unfortunately this water gun is unable to hold much water (about enough for 2 squirts) and the water only shoots out over a short distance (this is understandable considering the design, but if possible a longer storage area would have been better)

Beast Mode

Cohrada's alternate mode is a very realistic looking cobra with a segmented tail (to enable him to coil around things. Cohrada also has a very good amount of detailing in his design, being fully textured with scales on his head and tail.

The colouration is also made to have him not just be one bulk of colour, but several shades of greens with a realistic "fear pattern" on his back in the pattern of 2 yellow circles with red dots (giving an owl-like design)

Cohrada's head is able to tilt up and down and can also open and close his mouth. Inside the mouth are small fangs that don't do anything really.

Cohrada also has a venom sack inside his mouth that, when pushed can squirt out water (and if you really want to you can put coloured water into the sack and squirt it to resemble venom)

Cohrada has a secondary alternate mode that resembles a battle station. It doesn't really do anything (there's no real interactivity with another figure etc). It's probably best to just pretend that this mode doesn't exist to be honest


Cohrada is quite a rarity, his character has never been remade and his toy has never been reused. He was originally made available in a single pack, or with the Predacon Saberback. Other characters such as Longrack (BWN) or Lio Convoy (BWII) have been remade into more recent lines like Cybertron or Universe 2.0 (even in the Hasbro lines as well!) or some of his fellow line mates, like Hard Head, Big Convoy and Magmatron being repainted for either Beast Machines or Universe in the Hasbro lines.

However, saying this, Cohrada did receive a slight repaint for the Japanese Telemocha series (albeit as Cohrada again) but that was it (which is sad because his toy is great)

Media-wise Cohrada has appeared in three mainstream pieces of fiction, the Beast Wars Neo TV series (duh) where he was a main character, he received a new profile in the Beast Wars Sourcebook released by IDW, and in a few panels of the IDW Comic series "The Ascending" where he was a part of Big Convoy's team (with a new Jet mode to boot!)

Is he Cool?

Cohrada is VERY cool, and is very deserving of a place in this review series, his nearly unique alternate mode, very intelligent transformation sequence (basically flipping his inner parts upside down) and fantastic looking robot mode both add up to a great figure. The only really bad point is the battle station mode.

Also, because Cohrada is the sole user of the mold, and has never had any new versions made (sadly) it's probably wise to pick up this figure whenever you can, you won't be disappointed

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