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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rare Toy - Airazor

PLEASE NOTE: This review was originally written at an earlier date, so it might be outdated or lacking by my current standards

Chromia 10 pilot (Airazor)

"The Maximal Imperium employs many different tactics in their attempts to maintain peace throughout the galaxy. The smart and sassy pilot of the Chromia 10 heads up one of the numerous Maximal Squadrons assigned to prevent any rogue Predacon factions from operating outside the terms of the Pax Cybertronia. Airazor and her team are often delegated recon missions deep within Predacon space where many Maximals dare not venture. Her fellow pilots are inspired by her willingness to put herself in harm's way if it means protecting the peace the Maximals hold so dear. In vehicle mode she is able to observe her targets at a range of up to 30,000 feet and recreate any enemy Intel she comes across with 3-D virtual reality maps. Equipped with a titanium plated exo-structure, In robot mode her weapon of choice is her retractable photon cannon."

Role: Squadron Leader

Quote: "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

Strength: 6

Intelligence: 7

Speed: 9

Endurance: 5

Rank: 6

Courage: 7

Fireblast: 4

Skill: 7

Robot Mode

Airazor's robot mode is very lovely, despite the original holder of this mold being a more Male orienteered character (Slugslinger) she does look very feminine , and also emulates the original Airazor toy at the same time (with the wings and colour-scheme.

Airazor's legs are articulated on the knees by a hinge and at the top of the legs by a ball bearing, enabling her to sit down, or do the splits etc. Her feet can also be moved depending on the surface as well. Despite having small feet, she does have good support and shouldn't just fall over like some figures will

Airazor's arms are articulated, but are also obstructed at the same time. she can bend her elbows, but not by a lot (thanks to the elbow point) and she can move the upper arm by raising the arm up and down to the sides, and also rotate the arms at the shoulder point by a pivot piece, however, if the wing kibble is in the wrong position then the arm is stuck. She has a standard peg hole on both hands so she can hold standard sized weapons, despite not having any hand held weapons with her

Because she is based on an Energon series toy, she has an Energon Clip port, but no insignia inside it, so no gimmick will be activated by it

In robot mode she has a large shoulder cannon that can fire a largish missile at you (especially because it's got quite a sensitive trigger and firing mechanism

Alternate Mode

Airazor's alternate mode is a twin-nosed VTOL powered jet. It is mostly brown with orange segments and silver and black highlights.

Airazor has a large cannon in between the two jet noses which can be fired by a small trigger (but is very prone to firing on it's own, so be careful)

She has landing struts in this mode as well, which whilst they don't have actual wheels on them, can be used to hold her up straight

The two cockpits on ths jet mode are purely decorative, and cannot open or hold any smaller characters. The VTOL fans are also just decorative and do not spin. the guns on the end of both VTOL wings are also non-firing (unlike the big gun)

Her robot mode head IS visible in vehicle mode, but it doesn't show up as obviously as it could do


Airazor's transformation sequence is actually surprisingly hard for such a small and delicate figure, in fact it's too hard to describe well with just words, so I won't even try.

I will say this though, try her transformation a few hundred times with the instructions, just in case you go wrong, and then you should be able to do it all by yourself with quite a bit of ease (unlike Nightbeat who just needs one go with the instructions)


Airazor only comes with a largish missile for her shoulder cannon, it doesn't do anything magical or special, it just plugs into the cannon and attacks you randomly


This toy was made available by the Transformers Collector's Club during 2006. I got mine from the TFCC Stall at Auto Assembly 2009 for about £30-40. This toy is actually still in stock at the club website, despite newer exclusives such as Nightbeat and Punch being out of stock now.

She is a repaint of Energon series Slugslinger, with a different head sculpt to make her more recognizable as a female character and as an update for Beast Wars Airazor

My Thoughts

Airazor is probably the only TFCC figure that I wouldn't recommend for someone to buy. I mean I like her personally, but she doesn't really do anything and doesn't have any real gimmick to her.

The figure itself is VERY difficult to transform, which takes off some points honestly.

The two modes are both very nice to look at, so she does make a nice collection piece, but only if you keep her in a very static pose, since her wing kibble makes her a bit top heavy, and can fall over if she is leant forward or backwards too much

So overall, though I like her, I wouldn't recommend her to casual collectors or fans, since she isn't really a "play with me" figure, she's a "look at and admire me" figure instead

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