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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

F is for Fracture

The Winning Toy

"Dedicated to Megatron and the Decepticon cause, Decepticon Fracture is a dangerous enemy. She is totally fearless, and probably a little bit crazy, as she dives directly into any battle, regardless of the odds. Although she carries a powerful Negative Energy Blaster, she prefers to use the Seismic Energy Dischargers on her feet to smash the surrounding earth to pieces. Any battlefield on which she walks shudders with the force of her steps."

Toyline: 2007 Movie, Allspark Power Sub-line

Generation: Movies

Size Class: Deluxe

Faction: Decepticon

Strength: 7

Intelligence: 4

Speed: 8

Endurance: 8

Rank: 5

Courage: 10

Fireblast: 8

Skill: 3

Robot Mode

Fracture's robot mode intrigues me...despite being a repaint of a male character, Mirage, and was also repainted into Drag Strip again later...she does look feminine, despite the other two still managing to look's odd.

Fracture's feet look like giant boots, which again is very fitting for a feminine character, especially one that is able to cause Earthquakes through them.

Fracture's face has been repainted to look more feminine than Mirage, having a pink face with a black helmet (with red highlights) and white eyes, bordered with what looks like black mascara.

This colour scheme screams out "Crasher" to anyone who has ever seen the original character, either in toy form or from the TV series, and yet, it still looks different enough that she could be another character as well.

Despite having part of her vehicle mode as kibble on her back, it actually works well with the design (much like with the Seeker wings) and doesn't hinder the articulation of her robot mode either.

Fracture's articulation, being a recent figure, is also very near to perfect. Her head is able to rotate fully on a ball joint. Her shoulder-arm joint is a ball joint, which of course also gives her full articulation. Her elbow uses a combination of a pivot and hinge joint to give it very good articulation. Also because of her transformation sequence her hands can also fold into her arm, giving it some limited articulation as well. Her hand is also just sculpted with fingers, but has a peg hole to hold most modern weapons, including her own, which is created from the very point of her vehicle mode and resembles a crossbow.

Fracture's waist is able to rotate on a pivot 360 degrees. Her upper legs are connected to the lower torso by a ball joint, she also has 2 points of leg articulation via hinge joints giving her good leg articulation. Her vehicle mode spoiler also splits apart into feet, which can be repositioned depending on the surface she is on.

Alternate Mode

I love Fracture's alternate mode, she is a very sleek looking F1 Race Car which was actually based of one used by a member of the Russian Formula One Race Team, she has a red, white and black colour scheme. She has a translucent black driving pod which holds her head in this mode, giving the illusion of a driver as well.

Her wheels are able to roll completely freely, and are hard black plastic, meaning that they won't wear down over time (phew). The wheels also have silver hubcaps.

Her spoiler is able to be repositioned to your desire (so you can pretend to make her more aerodynamic or something). Below her spoiler she has 2 pairs of exhaust pipes, giving her 4 in total, they're obviously just for aesthetic reasons only.

Fracture has the number 1 emblazoned on the point and sides of her vehicle mode, and a silver Decepticon insignia just in front of the driver's area, which can appear to disappear in the right lighting (that's's MAGIC!!)


This figure has an interesting history, Fracture is actually based on a character from the Gobot's toyline by Tonka, which was one of Transformers' main rivals in the 80's (with Transformers obviously winning out in the end). This is actually very notable because an ongoing joke, beginning with Dreamwave's comics, has been to include Gobot characters as Easter Eggs in their stories with Crasher herself having appeared in the Megatron: Origin comic series in a background or two. Crasher has also appeared in currently text-only form in the Collector's Club's Shattered Glass stories.

This is most notable because the Club story "Withered Hope" it's been revealed that the Gobots have been invading the Transformers continuities to try and stop one of them from destroying their own one (through displacement) meaning that these appearances of Crasher/Fracture could be menat to be the original character

Fracture has only appeared in the Movie Continuity so far in the comics. In IDW she appeared as one of the Decepticon troops sent to Earth to hunt for the Matrix and Megatron in the "Alliance" mini series (set just before Revenge of the Fallen) where she was quickly killed off by Ironhide. Meanwhile, in Titan's continuity she was a member of Stockade's group of New Decepticons being introduced in the "Return to Cybertron" story arc, and appeared again in the "Revolution" finale of Volume One where she shows off her trademarked seismic powers and ends up being transported off Earth with all the other Decepticons into the dead husk of Planet Cybertron as a prison world

Despite being introduced in the Movie line, she (and many of her sub-line mates) were obviously meant to be in the Classics/Universe line due to her similarities to a previous character. Such as with Breakaway (G1 Getaway homage), Big Daddy (G1 Big Daddy Homage) or Divebomb (G1 Sunstorm homage) and so on. Her figure is a repaint of Classics Mirage, who has also been used for the Universe Special Edition Drag Strip, and the clear Mirage from Botcon 2007

Is she cool?

I personally believe that Fracture is a great figure, sure she doesn't have any real special features, and sure she doesn't even have light piping. But her colour scheme is pretty much perfect, despite the more or less patchwork look of her colours, they look good in both modes with a very good optical illusion taking place as well, where her colour ration is different in both modes (mostly white in robot mode and mostly red in vehicle mode.

Now, as for whether you should buy her or not...if you love Gobots, then buy her, if you love the CHUG style figures, then definitely buy her, as she fits very well. But if you just like to buy movie figures, who look like the movie aesthetic, then you might want to skip her, as she is clearly meant to be in another line

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