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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Prime - Vehicon Stuart (CV)

"The Vehicons aren't always happy about their duties, but they follow orders without question. Mostly because they're more afraid of their commanders than they are of whatever the Autobots will do to them."

*The Name Stuart is my personal name for my Legion Class Vehicon, as I believe all Vehicons need to have names.

Faction: Decepticon
Function: Assault Infantry
Size Class: Cyberverse Legion

Strength: 6
Speed: 6
Rank: 3
Firepower: 5
Intelligence: 5
Endurance: 5
Courage: 7
Skill: 4
Robot Mode
Stuart's robot mode is a bi-pedal masculine one in mostly black with grey and silver highlights. Stuart's torso is mostly black with a silver chest plate and abdominal area. The torso appears to be a stylized false-part based on his vehicle mode's hood and window with a Decepticon Insignia magically appearing as well. His head is connected on a hinge joint that is able to nod slightly (as per his transformation sequence as well). The face is mostly silver with a sculpted mouth-piece and red visor optics and is bordered by a black collar on his shoulders.

His arms are connected to the upper torso by a screwed in pivot joint and ball joint combination that enables him quite a lot of movement for such a small figure. The rest of his arm is a single piece that ends with a sculpted hand with a peg hole inserted on the outer forearm and inside his hand that allows hi to hold weapons on either arm.
His legs are slightly more complex. His upper legs are connected via a ball joint connector to his groin area that gives him full movement from that point, and his knees are made from hinge joints that allows them to move back by about 45 degrees. The lower legs end in stubs that are his feet, which are supported from the rear by the vehicle mode spoiler, giving him an almost high-heel effect that makes him sturdy on most normal surfaces.
Vehicle Mode
Stuart's vehicle mode is a sleek black sports car with silver windows and a large angular spoiler, this mode also features a pair of side mirrors and some sculpted details like his front grill and lights. He has some purple highlights on the fronts of his vehicle mode going down the sides towards the wheels.
The wheels are fully mobile and enable Stuart to roll along a flat surface with great ease. He features 3 small peg holes that enables him to hold his gun/sword accessory in vehicle mode as a weapon. Stuart's robot mode feet are visible from the rear of the vehicle.
My Final Thoughts
As you may have guessed from me lovingly giving him a name like Stuart, I love this figure. Most likely it's because I like smaller scale figures in general, but also because I like character who are just presented as drones as such to have individual names as well.
There's not really much to say about this toy honestly, I personally like it, but I'm sure other people wouldn't depending on their own orientations etc.
I'd say that the Vehicon toys are best bought if you can get several of them so you can re-enact your favourite Vehicon based scenes from the series (like that time the Vehicons tried shooting the Autobots but kept missing...or that other time they...did the same thing...and...yeah....)

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