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Monday, 11 June 2012

Prime - Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime
"It took long years of patient training, battlefield experience, and constant modifications for Optimus Prime to achieve the raw might with which he combats Megatron and the Decepticons. Now, he is the perfect warrior and a courageous leader, against whom evil can never stand."

Faction: Autobot
Size Class: Voyager Powerizer

Strength: 10
Speed: 7
Rank: 10
Firepower: 9
Intelligence: 8
Endurance: 10
Courage: 10
Skill: 8
Robot Mode
Optimus Prime's robot mode is a masculine humanoid bipedal form. He is, despite his vehicle mode mostly grey but with blue legs and hip-parts and red back plates and arm armour.

Optimus' torso features a sculpted abdominal area which features several false parts from his vehicle mode. His chest however actually uses his vehicle mode windows (which have been slightly folded in on themselves in order to gain more shape). Optimus' head is connected via a ball joint connection that allows the head to rotate as much as needed. The head is mostly made up of a blue helmet with ears and a large forehead chevron (featuring a silver grooved inner chevron detailing as well). The face is silver and features a mouth plate with small details over it. Optimus' eyes are activated by a light-piping gimmick that makes them glow a pale blue.

Optimus Prime's arms are connected to his upper torso by a shoulder joint by a ball joint that allows it to move on that joint as needed. The lower arm is connected via a pivot joint-hinge combination that allows them to rotate fully as needed and bend inwards as far as possible too, enabling him to flex him muscles as needed. Optimus' hands are connected to the lower arm by a hinge joint that allows them to bend inwards by about 90 degrees. The hands feature sculpted open fingers around a hidden peg hole for weapons to be held in if desired. The lower arm also features a peg hole for other weapons to be held if needed too.

Optimus' legs are connected to his lower torso by ball joints on either side of his groin that allows them to move as much as possible (barring obstruction). The upper legs also feature a pivoting joint that allows them to rotate by 360 degrees if needed for posing. Optimus' knees are created by a hinge joint hidden behind a knee pad. The hinge allows him to bend his legs back by about 90 degrees. Optimus' feet are connected to the lower legs by a ball joint-hinge combination that allows them to move as far as possible and is needed for whatever surface he's on.
Vehicle Mode
Optimus Prime's vehicle mode is a truck cab in mostly red, blue and grey. This mode features several sculpted details that you'd expect to see in a truck mode (doors, mirrors, front grill, headlights etc) but doesn't feature any other real gimmicks in this mode, other than having six fully rotating wheels that allow him to roll along a smooth surface without obstruction.
Optimus comes with two accessories, a sword and a collapsible gun, that is opened up by pulling down a lever on the back, which flips out the barrel and causes a light to activate. I haven't found a way to keep this gun open yet so far (please tell me if you have). The gun and sword can clip into the robot mode via either the peg holes on his lower arms, or his hands on either arm. The weapons also feature a peg hole each that can have other weapons pegged into them if you want.
The weapons can be stored on Optimus' vehicle mode in an awkward way on the back by clipping them into the rear peg holes, though you can just leave them off the vehicle is needs be!
My Final Thoughts
Over all I do like this incarnation of Optimus Prime, he looks good in both modes, has some fun weapons (albeit the gun's annoying habit of not staying open without constant holding). He's a very sturdy figure in both modes (assuming you transformed him properly).
One major issue I do have with this figure is that he is very annoying to transform (from either mode) which I know puts off a lot of fans (I can't see my nephew sitting there and trying to figure this one out). Although this is also a trait shared with his wave-mate Megatron as well, so it's hardly unique to Optimus.

I'd say that all in all this is a good figure, especially if you want a representation of Optimus from the Aligned continuity for your shelf, and he can also be used as a passable replacement for G1 and Movie Optimus as well if you're having problems finding a figure for either of those lines that you like the look of.

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