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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Prime - Soundwave

"Soundwave is absolutely devoted to Megatron. He uses his ability to intercept any electronic transmission to ensure the supremacy of his leader, and the eventual victory of the Decepticons over the Autobots."
Name: Soundwave
Toy Line: Prime
Generation: Aligned Continuity
Faction: Decepticon
Size Class: Deluxe Revealer

Strength: 8
Speed: 6
Rank: 8
Firepower: 6
Intelligence: 10
Endurance: 5
Courage: 4
Skill: 9
Robot Mode
Soundwave's robot mode is a skinny bipedal form with lanky limbs and mostly blue body (with some pink, black and purple highlights as well).
Soundwave's torso is the largest part of his body in terms of sheer bulk and houses the Laserbeak drone as well (discussed later). His lower torso is connected by a hinged pivot construct which allows it to bend inwards slightly to give him a slightly hunched appearance, and can also rotate on the pivot by 360 degrees.
Soundwave's head is connected to the upper torso by a ball joint-connector combination that allows it to move as much as required. The head itself is a blue helmet with a silver chevron on the forehead, the helmet is shaped like a stylized version of Soundwave's head from the G1 toy line, with elongated horns and an angular face, denoting the Decepticon symbol in design. Rather than having a traditional face, this Soundwave has a black screen that makes him resemble the hooded Grim Reaper, and in fiction can also feature some data as needed (like how G1 Soundwave did with his chest window).
Soundwave's upper arms are connected to his upper torso by a pivot-hinge combination that allows them to fold inwards and rotate around on the axis as needed. The elbow joints are created by a series of ball joints, hinges and pivots that enables them to twist in 3 separate places, giving a great amount of articulation. The lower arms are made of two pieces connected by a hinge each that enables them to fold inwards at the hinge if desired. The hands at the ends of the long lower arms are made of 5 spindly, immobile fingers that can't hold anything, however they also feature a peg hole on each hand in the palm area which enables him to plug in a standard weapon if desired, or he can have Laserbeak perch there instead (as is intended on this toy).
The upper legs are connected to the groin area by a ball joint and pivot combination, allowing them to rotate as needed. The knees are created by a pair of hinge joints that enables his legs to be re-positioned depending on the surface needed. His feet are made of 2 pieces that are connected to the lower legs by a set of connector disks, however these are quite easily misplaced and causes him to fall over if moved the wrong way.
Vehicle Mode
Soundwave's vehicle mode is a blue unmanned aerial vehicle (a drone plane) with a large wingspan and a single powerful looking thruster at the rear. This mode features several molded panels and smaller details that you would expect on an aerial vehicle. He features several tail fins, especially when combined with Laserbeak (in either is bottom mounted or top mounted configurations).
Soundwave has a fold out landing wheel located under the very front of his vehicle mode that allows him to stand straight in this mode rather than being sloped forwards.
Laserbeak is Soundwave's little drone buddy, he lives in Soundwave's chest, like the Breastmasters from the Victory toy line. He transforms very basically by just folding his wings outwards and you can make them flap manually if needed.
Laserbeak features a small peg on his underside that allows him to be held in the hole son either of his hands, or in the hole on the top of his vehicle mode (to give him extra wings if needed)
My Thoughts
Okay, I've done several dozen reviews now, and you must know this about me by now, I love figures who come with a smaller figure as well, I love interactivity between the two or more figures in the set and I love finding fun ways to play with both pieces together. Soundwave and Laserbeak don't disappoint here. The designers have made an interesting way to store the little birdie in either mode, and even makes deploying him fun as well, and on top of all that, you can even make him perch on Soundwave's arm like a good little pet.
Soundwave has been a popular character since his introduction in the Prime series due to his silent, but deadly character type and his creepy appearance.
This Soundwave probable wouldn't make a good stand in for G1 Soundwave on your Classics Universe shelves, but he's still a great figure and I highly recommend anyone looking for a new toy to pick this guy up.

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