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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Prime - Cliffjumper

Name: Cliffjumper
Toy Line: Prime - Robots in Disguise
Generation: Aligned Continuity
Faction: Autobot
Size Class: Deluxe Revealer

Strength: 8
Speed: 6
Rank: 4
Firepower: 7
Intelligence: 5
Endurance: 6
Courage: 8
Skill: 5
Robot Mode
Cliffjumper's robot mode is a muscled masculine build that is mostly red and grey in colour and fetaures some silver and black details. Cliffjumper's chest uses a faux part version of the rear of his vehicle mode and his front bumper combined (whilst the real parts are on his back). His waist is formed by a pivot joint connecting the bulk of the red parts and the grey lower parts together.
Cliffjumper's head is connected to his upper torso by a ball joint connector that allows it a great amount of movement. His head itself is a red helmet, with a pair of grey horns to the sides of the top surrounding a silver face with a scowling expression and a shouting mouth. The head sort of resembles his G1 counterpart's, but just more detailed and stylized.
His arms are connected to the upper part of the torso by a connecting bar and ball joint combination, leading to his shoulder pads. The pads led to his upper arm by a pivot joint that allows them to move around as much as needed. His elbows are created by a pair of hinges that allows the arms to flex inwards, again as needed. His lower arm is mostly hollow and made up on most of the sides of his vehicle mode folded in on itself. His hands are connected to the ends of his lower arms by a ball joint each. The hands are simply sculpted with fingers in an open manner, suggesting that he's forming a fist, this allows him to fold his weapon (and any other that's compatible) without needing the hands to have peg holes in them like most older toys do.
The upper legs are connected to the groin area of the lower body by ball joints (as what seems to be quite popular to do nowadays). His knees are created by a hinge that allows them to fold backwards, allowing him to go into sitting or running poses with ease (he even has a sculpted knee on each leg too). His feet are connected via a small connector bar and ball joint combination, allowing his feet to be positioned in any number of ways needed.
Cliffjumper randomly features an odd example of faux parts, I mean his chest is one thing, since they weren't able to tool his rear vehicle mode to work the way they needed, so they gave him a fake roof on his chest...but on the backs of his upper legs he has (unpainted) false wheels...meaning that he has 6 wheels visible in his robot mode...depsite him being a four wheeled vehicle....odd....
Alternate Mode
Cliffjumper's vehicle mode is a red muscle car with a pair of bull horns on the hood. His bonnet is slightly raised, which implies that he has a large engine (though since you can actually open his bonnet up, you can very quickly learn that that's a lie!). Cliff's windows are made of clear plastic, which sadly shows all his inner workings instead of any seats or details.
Cliffjumper features a full set of free-rolling wheels that allow him to roll along a smooth surface without much trouble (although his robot mode feet do stick out the bottom a bit, so they might catch if there's anything sticking up slightly on the surface). The wheel's feature black textured tires and silver 5-pointed hubcaps.
Cliff features a great amount of detailing in this mode sculpted details like door handles, streamlining, boot, hood, lights, door seams, grills, 2 pairs of exhaust pipes at the sides, side view mirrors, and even a licence plate (minus any licence of course). The only things that really mar this vehicle mode are the 2 peg hole sused to hold his gun.
Cliffjumper comes with a weapon that can be used both as a gun or a bludgeoning weapon, depending on what peg hole you make him use. It's completely grey in colour and has details that makes it look like it could be make of some of his vehicle mode's internal parts (despite it not being able to be stored inside him at any point). I personally prefer to use it as a bludgeoning weapon however in robot mode.
The weapon can be clipped into either of 2 holes on his vehicle mode either on his roof (as shown earlier) or on the right side of his vehicle mode, giving him a mounted gun weapon either way.
My Thoughts
For some reason a lot of people don't like this figure (most likely because he had a toy in the ill-fated First Edition line as well) but I personally do like him (not as much as Wheeljack, but I do like him).
One reason why I like him is that despite him being a character who was only alive for the first 5 minutes of the series (SPOILER: Starscream murdered him!) he's nonetheless already had several toys made for him, and somehow, I'm not sure why, but his toy actually somewhat evokes his voice actor as well (Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock).
The second main reason I like him is because of his modern vintage aesthetic, in vehicle mode he looks like he could fit in with the older toy lines, as it's quite a detailed vehicle mode, and yet when he transforms he takes on the Prime aesthetic very well...I have strong suspicions that evil magic may be at work on this toy....
All in all, I do recommend this toy to the fanbase, he looks nice in both modes, and let's face it, you're not likely to find his First Edition counterpart that easily now, so he's the best you're going to get (especially for a reasonable price)

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