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Monday, 27 February 2012

DOTM - Crowbar

"Crowbar infiltrates and observes Autobot tactical movements with unmatched stealth and intellect. He has been trained in the most brutal Decepticon attack strategies for the unlikely event he is discovered."

Name: Crowbar
Toy Line: Dark of the Moon
Generation: Live Action Movies
Faction: Decepticon
Size Class: Legion

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 10
Endurance: 6
Rank: 8
Courage: 7
Fireblast: 9
Skill: 7

Robot Mode

Crowbar's robot mode is basically humanoid in design, but features a slight bow in his legs and protrusions from his shoulders. His body is mostly black, but features some small silver, blue and red details
Crowbar's torso is a solid plastic block with sculpted abdominal looking slits. His upper torso is created from the front of his vehicle mode and gives him a protruding chest. His head his connected to the main torso, and cannot move, it is sculpted with a mouth, 2 pairs of red eyes, chevrons and other details (as can be seen from the top image in this review). His groin is connect to the main torso on a pivot joint that allows his groin to rotate 360 degrees if needed for posing.
Crowbar's arms are connected to his upper torso by a ball joint connection that allows the arms to move as much as possible without hitting any kibble in the way. His right arm features a simple sculpted hand at the bottom, however his left arm features a sculpted hand that forms a C-Clip, which allows him to interact with any playsets or larger figures that feature a C-Clip bar (like Darkmount)
Crowbar's legs are connected to his rotating groin by a pair of ball joint connectors that allow them to move as much as possible without being obstructed. Just below the top of the legs he has a pivot joint that allows them to rotate fully. Crowbar's feet are created from the rear of his vehicle mode, but for him to stand up properly they have to be bowed back and have his "toes" deployed as well.

Vehicle Mode

Crowbar turns into a fully black police car based on the Carbon Motors E7 model (unlike the Chevy Suburban mode seen in the movie/comics itself) with red and blue lights painted on them, silver markings on the front for his headlights, grill and some of the undercarriage. He also features a silver Decepticon insignia on the top of this mode.
His wheels are fully capable of rolling with just a push (always a plus). Crowbar also features several sculpted details such as his doors with handles, spoilers, licence plate indentation, windows and an air-vent on his engine's hood.

My Thoughts

Crowbar is actually a pretty fun figure, despite being a small scale one. If you put him with Legion class Crankcase and Commander class Hatchet they actually seem to be in scale with eachother.
I'm not actually too annoyed about him not having the alternate mode from the movies and comics etc (same as Hatchet) because he still looks good, and him having a different alternate mode from Crankcase makes more sense toy-wise as it stops him and Hatchet from being just repaints of Crankcase, and it gives more variety to the toy-line as well.
I do highly recommend this figure to anyone who asks me, especially if they already have Crankcase and Hatchet too.
And now for a picture of him performing ballet....


  1. The Alt-mode turns up in the DotM game, oddly enough.

    Great little Legion class figure. A stand-out for sure.

    1. He is a great little fella, I'd agree to that lol

      I never played the DOTM game, so I wouldn't know much about that