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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Micron Booster 4 - Detectas

Name: Detectas
Toy Line: Micron Booster 4 (2007)
Generation: Generation One
Faction: Autobot

Robot Mode

Detectas' robot mode is humanoid standard, he has two arms, two legs, a head and a torso. Due to his design he actually has an authoritative look to him, though that may just be because of his alternate mode influencing my perception. He has a fully clear body with some highlights from his yellow headlights, silver grill and blue and red police siren on his abdomen. His Autobot insignia is located under his chest, albeit it's upside-down.
Detectas' head is is sculpted with angular features that depict a nose, mouth, chevrons etc, including a pair of blue eyes as well. His arms are connected to his torso as a solid block, and thus cannot rotate at any point, he does have a hinge on his elbow however that allows his lower arms to be folded inwards fully (about 180 degrees). His legs are likewise designed by being forged onto the torso, but with a hing on the knees (though his knees are formed on the outside and therefore bend sideways rather than backwards (weird)

Vehicle Mode

Detectas' vehicle mode is a perfectly clear police car, bar his police siren, headlights, Autobot insignia and some decals on the sides. Due to it being made from clear plastic you can see some internal parts from his robot mode and other seems etc, giving the effect a much more futuristic and sometimes holographic or stealthy feel.
This mode has two Mini-con ports available towards the rear of the vehicle undercarriage which allowa him to connect to any larger figures (bulks) with a Mini-Con hard point (or a Mechtech weapon if you want). His wheels in this mode are fully mobile and can roll along the ground without any issues (that i've found anyway)

My Thoughts

I love this toy. I don't really know why but I do. I think his mold's alternate mode is fun (I have most iterations of it now) his robot mode looks fantastic for a Mini-Con, and of course for this particular toy he has a wonderful clear plastic gimmick, which despite all preconceptions people have over clear figures being weaker, this one actually feels very sturdy (well as sturdy as plastic can be)
Here's a little story though, I was at Auto Assembly 2011 (UK Transformers Convention) and I saw a box of Micron Boosters for sale on one of the tables, so I bought 3 of the packets, I open the first one, and guess who was inside...DETECTAS! I was so happy, mostly due to this being a Chase figure (rare figure that's only available in 1 in every 2 boxes of this particular set), maybe that's another reason why I love this figure.
IF you can get this figure then I really recommend it or any of his mold mates, as they're all very lovely.

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