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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Transformers - Evac

"Blistering speed and lightning-fast reflexes make Evac more than an effective courier - they make him a frighteningly powerful warrior. His speed often catches Decepticons by surprise, allowing him to strike and move before they can return fire."

Name: Evac
Toy Line: Prime (sort of, it's that packaging, but no line identifiers other than that)
Size Class: Cyberverse Legion
Faction: Autobot
Function: Commando

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 7
Endurance: 9
Rank: 5
Courage: 10
Fireblast: 5
Skill: 8
Robot Mode
Evac's robot mode is quite nice actually, he's mostly blue with black upper-legs and silver inner-lower-legs and lower torso. His upper arms also feature some red between the "elbow" and shoulder.
His torso is made from his vehicle mode hood and what looks like is supposed to be his engine (it's actually some faux-parts that form the undercarriage in vehicle mode). His chest features his three grill-guns in the center, giving him, yes - boob guns with his Auotbot insignia set just above. His windscreen is left on his back to act as a back-packof sorts. His head is sculpted with a basic helmet covering his silver face, which features light blue optics.
His arms are connected with his torso by a hinge=ball joint combination that also gives the arms it's sole point of articulation (hey, he's a legion toy!). The arms themselves are scuplpted with some fine details, and hands with peg holes sized for his aupplied weapon.
His legs are connected to his torso by the ball joints in his groin, his knees feature a hinge that is only there because it's also needed for the transformation (I'd assume). They are of course sculpted with some details you'd expect, including his feet, which allow him to freely stand with some ease.
As well as the peg holes in the hands, you can mount legion weapons in one of the four peg holes in the lower legs and upper arms.
Vehicle Mode
Evac's vehicle mode is a mostly blue covered-canopy rocket powered buggy. It's apparently based on the cart you ride in on the Transformers: The Ride attraction, but as I've never been on it, I don't know myself. His windscreen is black and is elongated to also act as a "sunroof"of sorts. The rocket on his rear is silver and he also features a set of four rotating black wheels.
His form is sculpted with various cosmetic details including vents and even some guns out of his front grill. His Autobot insignia is located at the very front of this mode, just above the gun-laden grill. This mode features four peg holes for the supplied red blaster weapon (and any other legion weapon) to be mounted into
My Thoughts
My thoughts on this figure? Yikes, he's one of my favourites :) 
One reason I like this toy so much is because of how good he looks in both of his modes, his vehicle mode is just a cool rocket powered buggy, whilst his robot mode is well-rounded and well also helps that he's in my favourite colour, blue! Of course, since he's a Cyberverse toy, he can also be used in any of the Cyberverse playsets or vehicles, giving him extra levels of fun.

One of the most interesting things to note about this toy is that no-one is quite sure where he's supposed to be put. He was originally meant to be in the DOTM toy line, but he, along with other legion guys like Mirage were put into the Prime toy line, however he's actually a promotional toy for the Transformers: The Ride attraction, along with his deluxe counterpart (who is annoyingly only available at the ride itself at the moment, which, whilst I am a dedicated collector and fan, I'm not going to go to America just to pick up one toy).

Even though this version's been released in the wide-market I actually have never seen him in physical shops, I found mine on Amazon for a reasonable price, so, yeah...YAY!

I do fully recommend this figure for anyone who likes a nice fun figure, who is easy to Transform, yet still looks fantastic, despite it's size class.

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