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Friday, 27 July 2012

TFA - Sentinel Prime

"Graduate of the same class as Optimus Prime at the Autobot Academy, Sentinel Prime is commander of a squad of the best the Autobots have to offer - the Elite Guard. Though he is a powerful warrior and a cunning leader, he is also obsessed with following the rules to the absolute letter. His is unbending in his interpretation of procedure, and dislikes the way Optimus Prime and his crew improvise. If he had his way, that whole group would be sent back to Basic Programming."
Motto:"Without law, all is chaos"
Name: Sentinel Prime
Faction: Autobot
Function: Autobot Elite Commander
Toy Line: Animated (Hasbro)
Size Class: Deluxe
Robot Mode
Sentinel Prime's robot mode is a large chested blue masculine form with an anorexic looking waistline and very angular limbs, He also features several splashes of black, grey, yellow and orange across his form 
Sentinel's chest is made up of a faux-part depicting his vehicle mode hood, but in a much more distorted appearance, which includes his headlights, front grill and insignia, his waist is formed from a separate piece of plastic that can fold inwards (for his transformation, but can also be used for posing). His snow plow blades from his vehicle mode have been split in half and now form decorations for the sides of his wide chest and to hide his shoulder-arm connectors as well. His real truck front is found on his back.
Sentinel's head is connected by a small piece of plastic that can be folded into his torso, which sort of resembles a collar as well. The head itself is connected to that piece by a ball-joint connector so he can shake and nod his head as much as possible. His head is made of a large blue helmet with a chin "dimple" in the form of a flat-head screw. Sentinel's "ears" are in the form of small pipes that can be moved slightly if desired (it doesn't do anything really though) His face is a dark grey colour and features a grumpy set of features including his mouth and eyes (which are painted a bright blue).
His arms are connected by combining the two two wheels on both sides along with a stiff pivoting joint that allows them to rotate as needed, and also connected by a hinge that allows them to bend upwards by about 180 degrees. The upper arms are connected to the shoulders by a small hinge joint that allows them to bend backwards by about 90 degrees. His elbows are connected by another hinging joint that allows it to bend inwards by about 90 degrees again. His hands are sculpted with fingers and feature a peg hole for him to hold his weapons in. The outside of his arms feature a lump of blue plastic with orange markings in the form of two lines and one triangle (as with most Elite Guard figures)
Sentinel's legs are connected to his groin area by a pair of ball joints that enable them to move as needed, his knees are formed by a hinge joint that allows him to bend them back by about 90 degrees, allowing him to sit down in a deluxe sized chair if you want. The lower legs and feet are created from pretty much the entire top of his vehicle mode folded in, this make shim very sturdy, and very stable on most surface types, even despite his otherwise top-heavy form.
Vehicle Mode
Sentinel's vehicle mode is a mostly blue pick up truck with an orange and grey snow plow on the front. His windows are blacked out (to hide the robot parts inside) and also features a small area in the back hold area to hold some small items, if desired.
This mode features several usual pieces of detailing on vehicles, such as headlights, bumpers, working wheels, side mirrors, front grill, doors, spoiler and several other small pieces. His Elite Guard insignia (winged Autobot insignia) is found on the hood of the car, in front of the windscreen.
Sentinel Prime comes with a lance bright blue lance and shield (denoting energy) with grey and blue parts across them. Bath can be held in either hand by the handles
These weapons can be slotted together through a hole on the shield's handle, and can also be held in vehicle mode as a roof-mounted weapon by slotting the sheild's handle into a small square-hole behind Sentinel's cab.
My Final Thoughts
Oh Sentinel, you may be a douchey character on screen, but you are a wonderful toy with so much to offer. His vehicle and robot modes are both very fun, his accessories work well, and can be stored easily in vehicle mode (always a plus side for me). This vehicle mode can even be mistaken for a Generations style toy if you want him to. Also due to a similar character appearing in the TFCC Coming Storm storyline, you could even put him on your Wings of Honour-era G1 shelf in your room if you want, without it looking too out of place.

The only real downside of this toy is that he isn't a larger scale toy (Voyager for instance), but that's a very minor complaint on a very nice toy otherwise.
If you can find Sentinel Prime in a shop somewhere then I do recommend buying him, he's a fun toy, and a main character in the franchise.

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