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Friday, 4 November 2011

Mini November - Legends Trailcutter

Name: Trailcutter
Faction: Autobot
Toyline: Reveal the Shield
Generation: Generation One
Size Class: Legends

Strength: 8
Speed: 4
Rank: 7
Firepower: 5
Intelligence: 8
Endurance: 9
Courage: 7
Skill: 6

Robot Mode

Trailcutter's vehicle mode is predominantly black with a blue chest panel and silver and red highlights on his legs.
His torso is very basic in design (very appropriate for a G1 based figure) due to his very small toy size, and has a slightly portly build to him. His head is connected to the top of his torso on a pivot that can rotate upwarps by about 180 degrees. His head is sculpyed with a helmet, forehead chevron, mouth and chin. His visor is also sculpted, but also features some blue paint as well, making it more distinguishable from the rest of the face (his face could really have used some silver paint or something). Above his head is a silver device that is fictionally able to be re-purposed as his force-field generator.

Trailcutter's arms are connected to his upper torso by a hinge joint and a ball joint that allows them to bend backwards by about 90 degrees (if wanted) and rotated on the ball as much as needed. Due to his small toy class he doesn't feature any other joints for an elbow, however he does feature a set of sculpted hands, including fingers and a singular separate thumb.

His legs are connected to the torso at a groin area by a ball joint on either side that allows them to be spread outwards, kick forwards and back as needed. Again, like with the arms, he lacks a knee joint due to his size class, however he does have a pair of feet that are able to fold back on themselves (mostly for the Transformation sequence, but you can repose them slightly if needed to)

Trailcutter is a fairly sturdy figure as well, and despite his basic design and small format, he actually looks quite good as well, in my opinion any way.

Alternate Mode

Trailcutter's vehicle mode is a black camper van with a dark blue windscreen, gold headlights, silver grill and front bumper.
Trailcutter features sculpted windows on the rear section, side view mirrors, doors and other standard features on a van like this. His heat sensitive rub-sign insignia is found on the top of the back of this mode.
His wheels are sculpted with tire tracks and are free spinning, allowing him to roll along a smooth surface (aided by a lack of undercarriage kibble as well of course.

My Thoughts

Trailcutter is a very worthwhile figure to add to your collection, he's a long overdue update for one of the original toys, Trailbreaker (renamed for Trademark reasons). However Trailbreaker has also received some additional attempts at a new toy, such as the Overhaul/Leobreaker character from the Cybertron series (with Leobreaker even retaining the end of his name).
Additional toys that were originally going to be Trailbreaker's but were either repainted/renamed as other characters include Universe Spychanger Ironhide, Universe Deluxe Ratchet, and a remold of Alternators Hound (used instead for Rollbar and Swindle).
Trailbreaker (using his original name) has been appearing steadily in Transformers fiction for G1 media since his creation.

This figure, despite it's limited articulation and basic design is in fact quite a fun figure to play with, especially for young kids, or even just for a G1 fan who wants a new version of Trailbreaker, complete with almost intact name.

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