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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Y is a Wild Card!!!

The Winning Toy

Name: Terradive

"Terradive loves to dive towards unsuspecting prey with the sun behind him. The light blinds his target, and the scream of his engines terrifies them, leaving them easy pickings for the blades of his trident. With JETBLADE serving as a decoy, TOMAHAWK will never know what hit him."

Toyline: Hunt for the Decepticons/Transformers 2010

Generation: Live Action Movies

Size Class: Deluxe

Faction: Decepticon

Strength: 9

Intelligence: 7

Speed: 8

Endurance: 8

Rank: 6

Courage: 5

Firepower: 5

Skill: 7

Robot Mode

Terradive's robot mode is predominately orange with black on his limbs and wings, and some white and silver added in other random places (such as white feet and silver upper legs). Despite him having an orange colourscheme, he doesn't look too garish, which is often a problem with bright colour toys.

Terradive's torso is made up of his cockpit and front wings folded inwards, giving it an angled triangular patchwork look. The panels that make up his chest can be opened outwards so you can pretend he's using it as a storage area (maybe for a Decepticon Matrix?)

Terradive's head is connected to the torso by a ball joint and connector piece creating a neck, which is surrounded by a collar. His head itself is is designed with a flattened look that is reminiscent of Robots In Disguise Sky-Byte's. The helmet of the head is an orange colour with black markings, such as on his "ears" and his forehead chevron. The back of it features his clear light piping port (which is neutered sadly due to his eyes being painted red). His face is silver and features slits for his cheek bones and one arge nostril. His mouth is painted a gold-brown which is sculpted with a mouth and a short chin beard.

Terradve's shoulder joints are connected to the main toso by a pivot joint that allows the shoulder to move back and forth as much as needed. The upper arm is connected to that by another pivot joint that allows it to be raised outwards by just under 90 degrees. The upper arm also features a pivot joint that allows it to rotate fully (obstructions withstanding). The lower arm is connected via an elbow joint that is connected by a pair of pivots that allow him to bend his arm or flex. The hand is connected to the lower arm by another pivot that enables it to rotate fully at the wrist (unlike a real wrist of course). His hands are sculpted with fingers that are posed to enable him to hold his spear/trident weapon on the larger hand grip parts.

The top of Terradive's upper leg is connected to the groin area by a ball joint-pivot combination that gives it an amazing amount of movement, enabling you to re-pose it for any surface or position you need. His lower leg is connected to the upper leg by a pivot joint acting as a knee, enabling it to bend backwards by about 90 degrees. The feet are connected by another pivot and are able to be repositioned somewhat as well. The back of his feet are connected on a separate pivot joint as well, meaning you can make him have a high-heel look if needed as well or keep him flat footed, again depending on the surface or situation you want to portray him in.

Terradive comes with a spear that can be extended to become a trident. it features two wider parts that act as grips and can be held in Terradive's hands (at the same time if needed). Also due to his good arm articulation he's able to pose his trident in pretty much any way desired. Also, the clip on his left shoulder can be folded back behind his arm and be used as a storage area for the weapon in robot mode if you wanted to.

Alternate Mode

Terradive transforms into an orange, black and white fighter jet based on a Sukhoi Su-47 jet. This mode actually also resembles that of the Animated seekers mold (in particular Sunstorm) due to it's wing-positioning.

In this mode he features three landing wheels (one under the cockpit, and one behind each main wing, the wheel's cannot actually move and are just for decoration. He also has a pair of thrusters on the very rear of the jet mode between a pair of heavily angled tail fins. His cockpit features an opaque red canopy (which in some cases was translucent orange instead) which cannot be opened up (aww).

This jet mode is extremely curvy and angular, and almost looks like it could be an alien jet (until I looked him up for this review). His robot mode trident is kept stored folded up in his undercarriage on a hook and clip system. However if you have the trident inserted then you can't open up the front landing wheel (though you can open it out and then insert the trident instead).


Terradive has so far only appeared in fiction in the Unite for the Universe comic book where he was called in to attack the Autobots along with several other powerful Decepticons (all of whom just happened to have new toys) and was afterwards ordered to retreat with the others once the Unite project was destroyed. He also appeared in the Hunt for the Decepticons game, where he was one of the enemies to defeat.

The name Terradive has been used by the G2 Bomber Plane, the Armada Mini-con Stealth Jet/Trident and the Energon A-10 Thunderbolt part of the Superion Maximus combiner set.

This toy mold has been repainted and remolded with a new head as Space Case for the Dark of the Moon line, an homage to the G2 Cyberjet of the same name. Interestingly Space Case has appeared in the main IDW Movie comic continuity, which even his mold's originator hasn't yet (unless he appeared extremely obscured in a crowd scene)

Is he Cool?

Oh Primus yes!

Terradive is a very cool figure, his design is pretty unique and can easily fit into the Movie toyline or even fit with the Generations figures. His weapon makes a very good gimmick and is extremely fun to play with (especially if you have a couple of him and put them as guards of a high rank character like Straxus or Megatron perhaps?)

The only real issue I have with this figure is that his light-piped eye gimmick has been neutered, but that can be easily remedied if I wanted to, but scraping off the red paint.

All in all, Terradive is a very fun figure and is well worth buying, and what made it even better for me is that I got mine for about half price in a sale!

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