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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rescue Bots - Chase the Police-Bot

Name: Chase the Police-Bot
Toy Line: Rescue Bots Energize
Faction: Autobot
Robot Mode
Okay...well as you must have realized already Chase is a very simple toy (he literally has ONE transformation step, you pull back his siren bar in vehicle mode, and that's it! (and the reverse to turn him into his car mode too). As such his robot mode has no articulation, other than being able to make him seem to lean backwards by carefully balancing him that way, but otherwise, none.
His torso is made up of most of his vehicle mode including the windscreen, with his whole front section making his legs and feet. His arms are made from his car doors with hands sticking inwards. The hands feature a peg hole for him to hold his supplied weapon in. His vehicle mode wheels are located on his shoulders and heels. He also features a spotlight and a megaphone on his forearms, which you could pretend are weapons of some sort (but that wouldn't be kid friendly now would it?)
His head is unable to move, but is sculpted to look like a helmeted police officer with sunshades (like kinda TFA Prowl), he also has a happy little smile (which is sort of out of character, but whatever). His vehicle mode siren bar (and transformation lever) is located behind his head in his mode.
Chase also features 2 Autobot insignia's, one on his helmet and one more stylized one on his chest. Chase features a lot of clear blue plastic, which is no doubt a part of the "Energize" theme, he also comes with a very terrible looking blue  claw weapon.
Alternate Mode
Chase's vehicle mode is a very adorable squashed up police blue and white car with yellow windows. He features quite a bit of sculpted detailing like lights, vents etc, and also features a set of rotating wheels to allow him to roll out on a smooth surface very nicely. You can plug his claw weapon into his hood via 2 peg holes, but it doesn't look very good (like at all)
My Final Thoughts
Hmm...this is a difficult one, as a Transformers toy I'm sort of disappointed with Chase (and the Rescue Bots in general) due to them being very simplistic, and also due to them only having a passing resemblance to their fictional counterparts, however since this toy line is aimed towards very young children, and therefore needs to be simple, I guess it NEEDS to be simple.
I'll be honest here, if you're just a collector like me, then you should get this toy, just so you have the character of Aligned Chase for your collection, but if you want a toy that's fun to play with (and you know, puling a lever a few hundred times isn't enough for you) then you may want to pass up on this toy, or the rest of the Rescue Bots. Let's just hope he gets a more impressive toy in the Prime or Generations line!